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Default Losing data on a shared workbook

Have a user open the file.
Have a second also open the file while the first user still has it opened.
The second user should only be able to open it READ-ONLY
Gary''s Student - gsnu200742

"Martin" wrote:

Where can I find if this is turned on?

"Gary''s Student" wrote:

Make sure there is a safety interlock that allows only one of the shared
users to have write access to the file at one time. Otherwise one user can
overwrite another user's work.
Gary''s Student - gsnu200742

"Martin" wrote:

I have a shared workbook that is being utilized by mupltiple users. It
appears that the data is not being saved across the board, all the time. I
have tried different things, setting automatic save and telling them to save
every five minutes, etc.....
I am running XP with SP2. More than enough memory. It is on a network

Any thoughts as to why this is happening.