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Default Why every excel shortcut opens a new copy of the program?

I have istalled the Office 2007 Enterprise version and every time I press an
excel shortcut from my desctop a new copy of Excel opens. In all previous
versions of Office If you had an excel shhet open and then you were cliking
on an other excel shortcut it opened under the same already opened program.
As a result to that if you were pressing the "X" close button on the right
top of the screen the program was asking you if you want to close/save all
open worksheets. Now if you press the same button the excel is closing the
curent worksheet and another excel program remains in the back with the other
open excelsheet. Does that mean that if you open 10 or 15 different
worksheets you are actually opening 10 or 5 times the same program something
that would definatelly slow down very much the speed of the CPU? Thanks for
the help...
May God Help Us with Vista....