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Default How to delete cell values withour deleting cell formulae

You seem to have replied to your own message. If you intended to reply to
my message, I'll repeat the content he
"One option is Edit/ Goto/ Special/ Constants, then delete."

Did you try what I suggested? It doesn't highlight the cells that have
*formulae*, it highlights the cells that have constant *values*, then if you
hit delete it will delete those values, and leave the formulae in place,
which is what you asked for. Perhaps you need to re-read the suggestion and
try again?
David Biddulph

"perfection" wrote in message

You did understand what i need to do but this merely locates cells
that have formulae and highlights them. how do delete en masse w/out
distubing the formulae cells

On Jun 18, 10:56 am, perfection wrote:
I wish to use a previous years excel sheet but i need to blank out all
entered and caluclated values present. If i do a complete delete i
will lose all the formulae that have vbeen inserted into certain
formulae. How can i delete all values withour the formulae getting