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Default A validation rule on Alpha and Numeric characters

Hi Sar

Use Data ValidationCustom and array entered formula of

{=AND(SUM(CODE(MID(A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&3)),1)))1 94,ISNUMBER(--(RIGHT(A1,4))))}

To Enter or Edit an Array formula, use Control Shift Enter (CSE) not
just Enter.
Do not type the curly braces { } yourself. When you use CSE, Excel
will enter these for you.

On the Error Alert tab type a message for the use showing the type of
entry you expect.


Roger Govier

"Sar*" wrote in message

I want to create a validation that when i enter a mixed numeric and
reference that i can prevent changing its format.

For example:

Everytime i enter my "number" FEE1234, that the cell keeps the
"@@@####" and prevents me using any other format indicating n error

Thanx in advance