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Default trace dependent tool doesn't work but trace precendent doesn't

This is the 1st time this ever happened to me. My trace precendent tool is
working, but my trace dependent tool isn't. I know for a fact that the active
cell affects other cells. If I open up an older version of the file, both
tools are working. It's just this month's version. I even tried starting over
by opening last month's version, saving under a new name and adding the new
data. As soon as I add the new tab, this is a problem.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Here’s a history of my files. January I create a file with 1 tab for the
month. When February comes, I open this file, copy the January tab to a new
tab, rename it February and populate the tab with February data. Then save
the file under a new name. I now have 2 tabs, January & February. When March
comes around, I do it again. This is fine through March. It seems that when I
create the April tab, it becomes a problem. I even tried deleting the file
and starting over with the March file again. But as soon as I create the
April tab, the trace dependent function is gone. Also, “calculate” appears in
the status bar. I have it set for automatic calculation. Even if I hit F9, it
recalculates, but the status bar still says “calculate”. This didn’t bother
me, but now that I see my trace dependent isn’t working, I’m concerned. I
tried starting over a 3rd time and the same thing happened with the new file.
It’s not happening with any other files I copy and update. This file I’m
working with is fairly large, but I have many larger files that I update the
same way and haven’t had any problems.