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Default VB Crash - Little Bit Of Fun

Its a shame that your line of code doesn't allow the colors to change on the

But its good to know that code

I placed another for loop inside the original, just a dummy to slow it down,
and it worked, but obviously not very efficient

"Bob Flanagan" wrote:

Works fine if you put

Application.Screenupdating = false

before your For. Sounds like you are over loading Excel's ability to update
the screen as your code requires it to refresh the screen over 13,000

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"RajenRajput1" wrote in message

I've been messing around with VB and managed to write a code which crashes
my pc, any reason why ???

I have a dual core 2.5 ghz, vista and excel 2007. Screen went white and
froze for 10-15 seconds.

Maybe someone else could try and see if it happens to them? Surely I
overload or confuse Excel with this;

For s = 0 To 65535 Step 5

Cells(4, 4).Interior.Pattern = xlSolid
Cells(4, 4).Interior.Color = s

Next s