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Dave Peterson
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Maybe you could use a helper worksheet.

and drag across
if you don't want to see 0's when the cell is empty.

If you kind of know what column it should be in, you can still select the cell

Edit|goto, then typing the address (D1) and hitting enter. You'll be able to
see the value/formula in the cell in the formula bar. (You could also just type
the address directly into the namebox--to the left of the formula bar and hit

(But Unhiding, looking, and ctrl-z (or edit|undo) isn't really too bad, either.)

Beachcomber wrote:

I have a large spreadsheet with several columns hidden. I want to unhide a
specific column that I know has a column name of Project Owner. How can I
determine which column to unhide to see the desired column without unhiding
all of the columns? I tried the find feature, but that did not help.


Dave Peterson