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You're EXACTLY right!! How'd you ever know that???? What is an SYLK file
anyway? What are they used for and why?

"JE McGimpsey" wrote:

I think the problem is that the first two characters of your text file
are "ID". This identifies the text file as a SYLK (SYmbolic LinK) file.

In article ,
Tom wrote:

I've created a *.csv file "MyOutput.csv" that has about 2000 rows and 15
columns of text data from an application. When browsing via Windows Explorer
to the file off the root of C:\ and double-clicking, I get a message that
"Excel has detected that the 'MyOutput.csv' is a SYLK file, but cannot load
it. Either the file has errorsa or it is not a SYLK file. Click OK to try
to openn the file in a different format."
Upon clicking on OK, the MyOutput.csv file loads finei into Excel 2003. I
just need to re-adjust the column widths.
What's causing the SYLK 'false-error' message.