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Have you tried to paste the numbers into the formula bar at the top (or
direct edit in the cell). If you select a single cell, and then paste, Excel
will auto spread your paste to different cells. You have to get into a
single cell edit function to paste, either by double clicking in the cell
untill the edit curser appears, or up in the formula bar.

"BecG" wrote:

Am trying to copy a list of numbers from Word and paste into a single Excel
cell, and keep the numbers in rows. However, the numbers paste into separate
Excel cells in a column instead of a single cell. Any easy way to do this?
Also separated the numbers in Word with the manual line breaks instead of the paragraph marks, but same result in Excel.
Can a "hard carriage return" be used in global replace in Excel? Also replaced the paragraph mark in Word with a dash and pasted in Excel. It pasted into one cell as a text string. Planned to use global replace to replace the dash with a hard carriage return to break the numbers into rows in the single cell. However, I cannot paste the hard carriage return in global replace or find a symbol to use.