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Default VLOOKUP puzzle ??

In order for FALSE to work your data needs to be sorted in ascending order by
the column you're looking up.

Since you're concatenating two lookups on two separate columns, that is

I would suggest that you concatenate columns E & D prior to running the
VLOOKUP, and then have the VLOOKUP lookup in the concatenated column. So,
for example: =VLOOKUP("FQR",D6:H80,2,FALSE)

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"Anthony" wrote:

Hi all,
getting a little frustrated with what I though would be a simple VLOOKUP
formula, so turn to you for help.

Cells C6:G80 are populated with data
I want the whole of column G to be searched for the exact code FQR and when
found return the data in the corresponding columns E and D


the above gives the wrong answer, and if I use the FALSE array, ie to find
exact match, I get the #N/A error,
Can anybody provide the correct formula