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Default Copying worksheet, path/file access error: '\vbxxx.tmp'

I think this is a bug. How do you go about submitting a bug to Microsoft?

"goneill3" wrote:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the advice. I had a look at the hyperlink you posted, didn't help

I have tried this on multiple workstations and I can always reproduce the
error provided those 3 conditions are met; network file, open the file via
Excel's file open menu, and contains macros.

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

I think that this has come up a couple of times--but I'm not sure if I've
seen/remember the solution.

I suggested this once:

Maybe cleaning up your temp folder will help.

close excel
windows start button|run
Delete all those files and folders.

It may be best to do this right after you reboot your pc, so that no other
programs are running that need any of these files.

If that doesn't help, try disabling your antivirus software (just temporarily)
to see if that helps.

But never got a reply that it worked.

I searched google again for "\vb" and .tmp and got a few hits.

One of them:

If you find a solution, please post back--then google will have it for the next

goneill3 wrote:

I am getting the following error when copying worksheets within a workbook,
path/file access error: '\vbxxx.tmp' but only under very specific condidions.

Open worksheet with macros from network via Execl's file open and copy a
worksheet inside a workbook produces the error.

If the spreadsheet doesn't have any macros, no problems. If I go and add a
macro, which is does nothing other than contain an empty function, I get the
If I open the (network) file via windows explorer I don't have a problem
copying worksheets.
If I copy the files to my local hard drive, no problems copying worksheets.
I have tested this on both Office 2000 and Office 2003 and they both get the
I haven't tested Office 2007 yet.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Dave Peterson