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Earl Kiosterud
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Put this in A1 of the summary sheet, and fill down:
=INDIRECT("'Sheet"&B1 & "'!" & "A1")

In Column B, put 1, 3, 3, going down. Do this by putting 1 in the first
cell, then use the Fill Handle downward holding Ctrl.

Hide Column B.
Earl Kiosterud
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"Jon" wrote in message

hope someone can help on this.

What I have is a document which contains 101 separate worksheets. The
first sheet is a summary page and there are 100 other sheets which are

What I need is for the same cell on each of the 100 sheets to be copied
into the summary sheet, but moving down 1 row each time.

I want Cell A1 from sheet 1 to appear in cell A1 on the summary page.
I want cell A1 from sheet 2 to appear in cell B1 on the summary page.
I want cell A1 from sheet 3 to appear in cell C1 on the summary page etc

Can excel do this automatically?
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