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Default How to add different error bars to each data point in excel

I am busy writing a thesis and am plotting some data using the clustered
column graph. I have 5 values on the X-axis (time in days...0-4), and for
each of these X-axis values (days) I have 3 Y-values (high, medium, low dose
observations). The problem is that each Y-axis value is a mean, and has a
unique standard error of the mean (SEM). However, I can't find a way to make
unique error bars for each data point. Instead, it will only allow me to
enter 1 custom error bar value per dose observation over time. I feel like
this is doable, but I just can't figure it out. Perhaps I just need to use
another graph format? I feel like there is something really obvious that I
am missing...

I don't know if this is clear, but was wondering if anyone can help. I
really don't want to have to draw these error bars in using powerpoint. I
can elaborate if need be...

Thanks in advance!