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Default I am stupid and don't know what the heck I am doing wrong on this pivot table!!!


You got me excited, I actually thought that was the trick. But it is
not letting me input the formula in the pivot table. Maybe I am doing
something wrong.

Listed below are the fields I have in the Pivot table:

Client Name Column A
Last Shipped Column B (ultimate goal is to show the most recent last
ship date)
Rep C
Control # Column D
File # Column E

15 50 51 Grand Total
Col F Col G Col H Col I

These are all fields that I placed in the pivot table.

Could it be I am placing the formula in the wrong spot?? Oh Debra, I
hope you come back becasue I think you might be on to something. Thanks
for the help.

Debra Dalgleish wrote:
As answered in microsoft.public.excel.misc:

Maybe this will do what you want:

Add a new column (LastShip) to the source data, which marks the latest
shipment for each customer For example, with customers in column A, and
dates in column C, enter this formula in cell D2:

=IF(C2=MAX(IF($A$2:$A$200=A2,$C$2:$C$200,"")),"x", "")

Substitute your last row for the 200 in the formula.
This is an array formula. After you type it, hold the Ctrl and Shift
keys, and press Enter.
Copy the formula down to the last row of data.

Refresh the pivot table, and add the LastShip field to the row area.
From that field's dropdown list, leave a check mark only in the X item.

Hide Detail for only that field.

Does that give you the layout that you need?

Chris wrote:
I used to have a full head of hair until I made my pivot table!! I am
trying to do the following:

Client Name, Last Shipped,Rep,Control #,File #,Grand Total

My list of clients shows all the detail but then when I hide the
detail, the:

Last Shipped
Control #
File #
are completely blank.

I still have a grand total of the detail, which is great but I am
trying to Show the most recent Last Last Shipped,Rep,Control #,File #,
along with the Grand Total. I am just looking to just show 1 line. This
really nice lady Deb tried to help me but I am completly clueless to
what she wanted me to do.

Tried outlines but when I refresh the data, everything goes out of
wack. I am losing hope and cannot find a solution to this. Please


Debra Dalgleish