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Default Array formulas and braces { }

You have correctly analysed the problem
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"Epinn" wrote in message
I have no problem entering the following array formula, but I still have
some questions.


I understand that the { } for array formulas are included by pressing
Ctrl+Shift+Enter. That was what I did with the OUTER braces (the ones
enclosing the entire formula); no problem.

For the INNER braces (the ones around 1,2;3,4), I thought I had to use
Ctrl+Shift+Enter. But of course I couldn't and had to key in the { }
MANUALLY. The system won't accept ( ) in the place of { }. Guess we must
use { } to indicate an array but no need to use Ctrl+Shift+Enter when it
an array and NOT an array FORMULA.

Am I right? I **was** quite confused as to when to use Ctrl+Shift+Enter
when to key in the { } manually.

There is quite a bit of trick to enter the above formula. I did the

Position my cursor in A1 and key in MANUALLY =INDEX({1,2;3,4},0,2)

Press enter. Select A1 **and A2**, press F2, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
(Note: A2 is a blank cell.)

The outer braces will now be displayed as part of the formula.

A1 shows: 2
A2 shows: 4

Appreciate clarification on keying in the { }.