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Geremia Doan
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Let me clarify what I want. I have a column of 68 cells. Each cell has a
date in it. I have another cell below it that always has the date it was 6
months ago in it. Using CF, I made it so that whenever the date in one of
the 68 cells in the column is prior to 6 months ago, it becoms bold and
I also want to set up banding so that it's easier to follow the rows when I
print out the spreadsheet.
I am having trouble accomplishing both of those things at the same time.
I guess I could put it this way: I want to shade all odd rows in a range.
In all odd and even rows of my particular column, I want a bold and
italicized font if the date in the cell is older than 6 months; and I want to
keep the shading in each odd row.
Does that make better sense?
Thank you for your help and patience.

"JulieD" wrote:

Hi Geremia

not sure what you want Bold & Italicized - all the "banded" rows or row #69.

--so all odd rows banded, bold & italicized when f69D72
1st condition
-set formatting for banding colour & font bold & italicized

2nd condition

--only row 69 bold & italicized
1st condition
-set formatting for banding colour & font bold & italicized

2nd condition
- as above

Hope this helps

"Geremia Doan" wrote:

I can set up banding using Conditional Formatting fust fine. The problem
am having is that there are other conditions I need to have happen at the
same time. For example, when cell F69 is greater than cell D72, I need
it to
be BOLD and ITALICIZED. When I use the banding formula in Conditional
Formatting as the first Condition, it overrides the other conditions, so
cell is shaded, but not BOLD and ITALICIZED. If I make it the last
Condition, the BOLD and ITALICIZED condition overrides the banding
Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this problem? A
formula, perhaps, to put into Conditional Formatting that will perform