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Default Add link to specific Excel worksheet in HTML Outlook message

This request involves Outlook 2003 and Excel 2003.

I send "cut & pasted" Excel spreadsheet data to various mail recipients
via HTML messages. Since I run multiple computers on my network, I
also have an add-in app that BCCs all my messages back to me. In order
to reduce the size of my PST file, I prefer to go back into those
messages and delete the actual data, but insert a link to the specific
"sheet" in my Excel workbook.

I've spent the better part of a day searching the web for details on
creating a link for Excel to open to the particular worksheet. I've
found numerous provisions for creating the link, but I can't for the
life of me get any to work.

I'm creating a "file hyperlink" via the "Insert/Hyperlink" menu in the
Outlook message, but the best I can do is open the workbook - all
references to the worksheet won't work. Apparently, the workbook will
open to the last accessed worksheet. Since I add worksheets monthly,
there is no standard in that function - I need the link to specify and
access a particular sheet.

The file resides at the following address:

F:\My Docs\Act St\MDO chgs.xls
Additionally, I've "named" the first line of the spreadsheet by the
month, i.e. Mar_chgs, including the underscore as Excel requires.

Including that "name" in the path doesn't force the sheet to open.
I've tried the '#' sign and single quotations at various points, to no

Based on my file data, would someone provide me with the actual link
address to force Excel to open to the specific page? I would greatly
appreciate it!!