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Default resetting last cell

In a blank Excel 2003 workbook, on sheet 1, I entered the number 123 in cell
A1 and in cell R50. My used range thus was A1:R50 and my last cell was R50.
I hid the rows and columns beyond this area, i.e., rows from 51 to 65536 and
columns form S to IV. When I unhid the rows and columns after using goto
A65536 and IV1, cell R65536 became the last cell. Even after deleting the
rows and columns that I had previously hidden using delete entire row/column
from the edit menu and then saving the sheet, the last cell continued to be
at R65536. The file size too had increased from 13.5 kb to 1.42 mb.

I have observed that I am unable to reset the last cell using the above
method if I have hidden a really large number of rows right upto row 65536,
say, over 35000 rows. Is there some other work around for such a situation?