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Russell Hampton
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Hi TJ,

This is what I am working with. So for every 1 in the list I want it to add
if the score is in a range. So given the example, how many are there that are
less than 600? THe answer is one. And for 600-650 the answer is 5. Then I
will plug this into a chart like the one below. Does that help? I appreciate
any insight you may have.

Collateral Code Credit Score
1 586
1 605
1 633
1 640
1 643
1 643
1 651
1 656
1 659
1 665
1 692
1 696
1 699
1 701
1 702
1 704
1 716
1 724
1 754
1 773

Chart example:
710 + 650-709 620-649 575-619
Count Count Count Count
Unsecured Consumer Loans
Unsecured Visa Classic
Unsecured Visa Gold
New Vehicle Direct
Used Vehicle Direct
New Vehicle Indirect
Used Vehicle Indirect
First Mortgage
Second Mortgage Fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit
Member Business Loans
All Other Loans

"tjtjjtjt" wrote:

I think an example might help.


"Russell Hampton" wrote:

I need to develop a matrix. I have the report with the raw data. In one
column are numbers 1-900, the other column has scores. What I need is to
count the numbers only if the score is in a certain range. I want to come up
with a chart that looks like:
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

I can't embed a countif, inside of a countif. Does anyone have any advice
for this one? I can share the exact report if it will help. Thank you. Russell