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Dave R.
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Sumproduct sounds like it will help (tho I don't quite see what you're
trying to do with your chart.. not sure what goes in it).


will count 'scores' in A1:A900 that start with 3.

When you say you want to "count the numbers only if.." - are you saying you
want to simply count how many numbers there are within a certain score
range? If so, you can use the formula above if each score always has a
number associated with it. If not, you can use something like


where B1:B900 would house the number. This simply won't count scores that
don't have any number in B1:B900.

If you want to ADD the numbers corresponding to certain scores (e.g. add up
all the numbers that go with the score of 3), you can use smoething like;

with B1:B900 containing the numbers you want added.

"Russell Hampton" <Russell wrote in
message ...
I need to develop a matrix. I have the report with the raw data. In one
column are numbers 1-900, the other column has scores. What I need is to
count the numbers only if the score is in a certain range. I want to come

with a chart that looks like:
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

I can't embed a countif, inside of a countif. Does anyone have any advice
for this one? I can share the exact report if it will help. Thank you.