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Default Changing *permanently* Excel's colors and graph fill for charting?

Well, lo and behold, I repeated the same sequence, but this time also
changing the background fill to white, and saving that chart as a
custome user-defined chart and made it the default chart.

I then saved it as the default workbook. This part has been tricky as
when you change the type to Template, Excel jumps to the My Templates
folder, which isn't where you want to save this!

Instead you must navigate back to Office, Startup, Excel, and save the
template Workbook replacing the one that's there.

I then re-opened that template, deleted the data set and chart again,
and re-saved it.

So far, whenever I open a new workbook and create a graph, it has the
colors I chose and the background fill is white or None (whichever it
was that I selected!).

It should all be much easier-- one should be able to do all this within
the Excel preferences dialog box with a choice to save colors, bar
fills, and chart background fill as the default. But, at least, it can
be done!

Hope all this "ranting", rambling, and rummaging helps someone else!