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Default Display latest arrival date

P5 is the original date and Q5 through T5 are cells for up to four
possible move dates (schedule changes). U5 is the target arrival date.

In U5, I want to show the most current target arrival date. If there
are no schedule changes, this would be P5, but if there is a schedule
slip, I want the most current date to appear. If the schedule slipped
once, this would be Q5; if the schedule has slipped three times, this
would be S5.

Is there a formula that could accomplish this task?

P5 - 02/01/06
Q5 -
R5 -
S5 -
T5 -
U5 - 02/01/06

P5 - 02/01/06
Q5 - 02/05/06
R5 - 02/10/06
S5 -
T5 -
U5 - 02/10/06

P5 - 02/01/06
Q5 - 02/05/06
R5 - 02/10/06
S5 - 02/11/06
T5 - 02/15/06
U5 - 02/15/06