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Jon Peltier
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Default Quality/ Productivity diagram

Yes, but it entails either manually changing the text of datalabels, writing
your own code to automate the process, or using the ChartLabeler or another
add-in. Excel has no in-built way to apply labels from the worksheet.

- Jon
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"KrunoG" wrote in message
ok, I've made it with the ChartLabeler plug_in.

but is there another way?

"KrunoG" wrote in message

I'm trying to make Q/P diagram based on quality and productivity

of agents in Call Centre where I work.
Therefore I would like to use a scatter chart with the data shown below:

agent quality productivity
john 5 4
mike 4 4
dave 2 5
bob 2 1
bill 3 4
jane 5 5
jill 1 3
adam 2 4
eve 2 4
rich 3 2

I've managed to put the quality on X and productivity on Y but what I'm
to is to get the agents labeled on those coordinates. So far I only have

coordinates when click on the marker but I would like to have an agents
names there. Is that possible at all?

Thanks in advance!

Kruno, Croatia