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Gord Dibben
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Hopefully saving it as automatic will solve the problem.

Not necessarily........

If you're wondering how it got switched to "manual"......

Excel takes the Calculation mode each session from the settings on the first
workbook opened in that session.

i.e. If you saved Book1 with calc mode in manual and opened it first, calc
mode would be in Manual.

If you saved Book2 with calc mode in auto and opened it after Book1, Book2
would be in manual mode(Excel ignores the auto calc mode in this case).

If you close Book1 before opening Book2, Book2 will be in auto calc mode.

Confusing enough? <g

To ensure that calculation mode is always set to Auto for that particular
workbook, you could place code in a Workbook_Open sub in ThisWorkbook module.

Private Sub WorkBook_Open()
Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic
End Sub

Or have the code in your Personal.xls which opens with each session of Excel.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On 29 Nov 2004 13:00:52 -0800, (Luke MacNeil) wrote:

Indeed. When he opened up the workbook this afternoon it was set to manual.
Hopefully saving it as automatic will solve the problem. Thanks for your help.

(Luke MacNeil) wrote in message . com...
"Frank Kabel" wrote in message ...
check if automatic calculation is enabled ('Tools - Options -

Yes, it is set to automatic.
I have him checking to see the setting at the next time the calculations hiccup.

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

"Luke MacNeil" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

There are few spreadsheets that one of my users works on that have a
rather odd error. One in particular is filled with simple
addition/subtraction formulas. Quantity/Net Price/Total Price type
fields. He uses the spreadsheet daily and is constantly cutting and
pasting into and out of it.. so it functions sort of like a


Sometimes he will be cutting and pasting into a field, say the

field, but the other fields wont update.

I've already reinstalled office 2000, re-applied all service
packs/updates both to office and windows, and actually rebuilt his
entire machine from an image.

Still the same problem. I'd really like to get to the bottom of this

get him back running with some stability.

Any help would be appreciated.

Luke MacNeil

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