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Roger Govier
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Default Formula questions


On sheet2, copy the whole of column A from Sheet1, to cell A2
This will give you a blank row 1 and a list of all the employees from A2 to
say A100
In cell B1 enter the Month number required.
In cell B2 enter
Copy the formula down column B.
Just changing the month number in B1 will change the set of values retrieved.
Carry out your totaling and sub-totaling accordingly.


Roger Govier

mstangel wrote:
I have a worksheet for the cell phone charges of each of our employees.It has
a row of months across the top and a column of names down the left side. The
montly charges are entered into the cell under the appropriate month for each
employee. What I need is a formula to generate a report on a different
sheet. This report needs to have the employees name and only the current
monthly charge listed, as well as the subtotaled amount below of all the
employees in a particular cost center. I can link the data in the cells
together for the first months entry (example A2 in sheet1 is linked to the
selected cell in sheet2) , but I can't figure out how to make it work for the
next months data( B2) without creating a new report or changing the formula
each time..