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Default Delete row based on contents of cell

Thank you very much Ron. The link you supplied showed me the code I needed.
God bless you for being willing to share your expertise. Thank you, Andy

"Ron de Bruin" wrote:


This Add-in have this option also

Regards Ron de Bruin

"AndyG" wrote in message ...
Thank you Don,
I do know how to use the datafilterautofilter then custom, not equal to
"SSN" to filter out the row in the view, however I really would like to
programmatically (macro) delete the row. If I have filters on I am also
limited (can't insert columns, etc.). Should I have posted this to the
Programming/Coding section instead of here?

Thank you again

"Don Guillett" wrote:

One way is to use datafilterautofilter and record while doing it to
learn. Post back after you have tried this with addl questions.

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"AndyG" wrote in message
The following code does a great job of finding whole blank rows and

Range("B1", Range("B65536").End(xlUp)).SpecialCells _

However, could someone please tell me how to modify this for two other

1) Delete the whole row if any cell in column A: is has the contents of

2) Delete the whole row if any cell in column C: is blank (null?)

Thank you in advance.