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Gary Fuller
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HI Gordon, I am rather new at this, but did you try selecting all of the
cells, copying, then paste special, paste values, then the sort? THere is
probably some better way, but it worked for me.

"Gordon" wrote:

I have a column of dates that I produced by putting in the first date. Then
the next and following were simply a formula =SUM(A4+7) and so on for five
years of Sundays. I wanted to have two for each sunday I could have them
sorted by AM or PM so I duplicated the list and put AM in the next column
beside the first 5 years of Sundays and PM beside the next five years.
I then sorted with column A (dates) descending and column B (AM/PM)
I expected to get 01/01/2000 AM and then 01/01/2000 PM under each other and
so on but the formulated column would not sort. I tried a sample of five
dates manually and they sorted fine but not when the dates are produced by a
formula. I do not want to have to type in five years of dates as that is the
reason we have formulas. How do I sort the formulated column???????