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Hello. I am trying to use vlookup to make it look for a value in multiple
sheets in the same workbook. Is that possible? If not what are the other
functions that would do that. Please note that this is a heavy workbook about
1200 rows and 6 coloumns. A function should not slow down the speed.
Right now i am using vlookup as below to lookup a value in
"ACCOUNTS!$A$1:$D$2000" If it cant value in "ACCOUNTS!$A$1:$D$2000" it should
not display NA, instead it shoud look for it in "NEW!$A$1:$D$2000"
Is this possible?
=IF(D17=0,"0",VLOOKUP(D17,ACCOUNTS!$A$1:$D$2000,4, FALSE))