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Default Nesting If Statement with "AND", "OR" conditions

Hi guys, I'm completely stumped and seeking any suggestions!

Here's what I'm trying to get my cell to do.
If A15=2 and E55="YES" and E56="YES", then the cell says "YES", if one of
those 3 isn't true, then "NO".
But if A15=1 and (E55="YES" OR E56="YES"), then the cell says "YES", if it
doesn't then "NO".

This is what I have in my cell and I just don't know what do with it!
=IF(AND(A15=2,E55="YES",E56="YES"),IF(OR(A15=1,E55 ="YES",E56="YES"),"YES","NO"))

Is it possible to do this all in one cell? I would greatly appreciate any