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Instead of using links like: =Sheet1!A1
put it as: =IF(Sheet1!A1="","",Sheet1!A1)
That should hopefully clear up both issues
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I am trying to create a summary sheet in my workbook which
will show the earliest expiry dates for a particular item. The dates
are entered into other worksheets in the workbook and are linked to the
summary worksheet, however the problem that I am finding is that if no
data (date) is entered into a cell under a particular heading on one
of the other worksheets, it is coming up on the summary sheet as
Jan-00. How do I get rid of this ?

The next problem is that I need a formula that will recognise the
earliest expiry date. I have tried the =MIN but because of the current
problem of it reading no data as Jan-00 it will always read this as the
earliest expiry rather than the actual data entered. What can I do, or
what formula is needed to fix this.

Can you please help me with this, as I am lost for an answer from
anyone else.

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