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Peo Sjoblom
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You need to install Analysis ToolPak, ISODD is part of ATP,
keep the office/excel cd handy, click toolsadd-inns, select
Analysis ToolPak and follow the instructions
If you don't have access to a CD use IF(MOD(B1,2)=1 instead of IF(ISODD(B1)


Peo Sjoblom

"vgolfman" wrote:

First time posting a question...

B1 = input
B2 = input
Formula that is returning a #NAME? error is:

This formula works fine if B1<5, its when that first IF is false where the
problem arises.

The result I expect would be is, if B1 = 21 and B2 =12, I expect the formula
to return a value of 144. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.