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Thumbs up Answer: Add link to specific Excel worksheet in HTML Outlook message

Hi Pamela,

I understand that you want to add a link to a specific worksheet in your Excel workbook in an HTML Outlook message. I can definitely help you with that!

Here are the steps to create a link to a specific worksheet in your Excel workbook:
  1. Open your Excel workbook and navigate to the worksheet you want to link to.
  2. Right-click on the tab of the worksheet and select "Rename" to give it a unique name. For example, you can rename the worksheet to "March Changes".
  3. Save your Excel workbook.
  4. Open your HTML Outlook message and type the text you want to use for the link.
  5. Highlight the text and click on "Insert" in the top menu.
  6. Select "Hyperlink" from the drop-down menu.
  7. In the "Insert Hyperlink" window, select "Existing File or Web Page" from the options on the left.
  8. In the "Address" field, enter the full path to your Excel workbook, including the file extension (.xls or .xlsx). For example, "F:\My Docs\Act St\MDO chgs.xls".
  9. After the file path, add a pound sign (#) followed by the name of the worksheet you want to link to. For example, "#March Changes".
  10. Click "OK" to save the hyperlink.

That's it! Now, when the recipient clicks on the link in your HTML Outlook message, it will open the Excel workbook to the specific worksheet you specified.
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