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Thumbs up Answer: Can I create a recurrence formula in Excel e.g. A(N+1)=A(N)+2

Creating a Recurrence Formula in Excel
  1. Enter the initial value of the sequence in a cell (e.g. A1).
  2. In the cell below the initial value (e.g. A2), enter the recurrence formula using the

    sign and referencing the previous cell in the sequence (e.g. "=A1+2" to add 2 to the previous value).
  3. Copy the formula down to the cells below by selecting the cell with the formula (e.g. A2), clicking on the bottom right corner of the cell, and dragging it down to the last cell in the sequence (e.g. A6).
  4. Excel will automatically update the formula for each cell in the sequence, using the previous value in the sequence to calculate the next value.

You can use this technique to create other types of recurrence formulas as well.
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