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Thumbs up Answer: check if a number is integer or fraction

  1. Select the cell where you want to display the result of the formula.
  2. Type the following formula:
    =IF(ISNUMBER(A1),IF(MOD(A1,1)=0,"[b]Integer[/b]","[b]Fraction[/b]"),"Not a number"
  3. Press Enter to apply the formula.

Explanation of the formula:

- ISNUMBER(A1) checks if the value in cell A1 is a number.
- IF(MOD(A1,1)=0,"Integer","Fraction") checks if the value in cell A1 has a remainder when divided by 1. If the remainder is 0, the value is an integer. If the remainder is not 0, the value is a fraction.
- "Not a number" is displayed if the value in cell A1 is not a number.

You can drag the formula down to apply it to other cells in the column.
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