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Thumbs up Answer: Convert 15min to hourly

Hi Roni,

To convert 15-minute data to hourly, you can use the
function in Excel. Here are the steps:
  1. Insert a new column next to column A and label it "Hourly".
  2. In the first cell of the Hourly column (B2), enter the following formula:
  3. Press Enter and the average value of the data for the first hour (18:00-18:59) will be displayed in cell B2.
  4. Copy the formula in cell B2 and paste it down to the rest of the cells in the Hourly column.

function calculates the average of the data in column B that meets the criteria specified in the function. In this case, we want to calculate the average for each hour, so we use the criteria "="&A2 and "<"&A2+TIME(1,0,0), which means the date and time in column A must be greater than or equal to the current hour (A2) and less than the next hour (A2+TIME(1,0,0)).
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