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Default Changing workbook name in named cell

"programmernovice" wrote in message
I have a workbook "Sales" which has a cell named "price" referring to
"Sales!$H10". If I save the workbook as "Sales.Foreign" I want the cell
"Price" now to refer to "Sales.Foreign!$H10". However, program does not
allow it.

The cell "Price" continues to refer to "Sales!$H10", in other words it
does not accept the new workbook name. Any idea how to get around that?

Many thanks for all help.

I assume your workbook has a worksheet named "Sales", same as the original
workbook name. When you rename the workbook it will still include the
worksheet named "Sales", and the Name will continue to refer to it.

If you rename the worksheet the Name should automatically update.

If there's more to this please give details of what you are working with,
for example are multiple workbooks involved with a Name referring to a cell
in a different workbook, what is the code that fails, etc

Peter T