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Default X Y Scatter Excel Graph X Axis Customization

On Friday, 9 October, 2020 at 1:07:39 pm UTC+5:30, Peter T wrote:
"Max" wrote in message
On Friday, 9 October, 2020 at 2:20:50 am UTC+5:30, Peter T wrote:
"Peter T" wrote in message
... Another way would be to start with a dummy Line series with all
zero Y
values (assuming the x-axis cross the Y at 0) with the x-category
your text cells, then add further Series as Scatter types

To do that add the first ...

Easier than I suggested last time -
- Add a row of zeros just below the 'hook' labels.
- Select all the data including the 'hook' and 'load' labels
- Create a Line style chart with markers
- Change the chart type Combo
- Leave the first dummy series as Line type
- Change the other 'load' series to Scatter type

This time no secondary axes were created, for me

Format the dummy Series Line to not be visible

Quick and easy, except it could have been simply a Line chart!


Thanks Peter, for your perfact workaround. It worked as Combo Custom
Combination with one series line keeping zero values.
Appriciate your valuable guidance.

I'm glad that worked and thanks for the feedback. Just one question though -
what effectively is the difference for your purposes between this workaround
and simply as a Line chart..?

Peter T

We were having the same graph as horizontle bars erlier as part of our analysis and reports where may excel graphs are as a part of our reports...
It's wasa part of report where our end user wanted to have the bars in Scatter Plot with different markers.
I didn't asked back for the reason to change (I couldn't think any perticular reson but the presentation purpose).. May be I should.