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Default X Y Scatter Excel Graph X Axis Customization

"Max" wrote in message
On Wednesday, 7 October, 2020 at 4:32:54 pm UTC+5:30, Peter T wrote:
"Max" wrote in message

I am trying to Plot X Y Scatter Graph where I want to change the X Axis
Text i.e. Single Hook, Double Hook, Triple Hook..... ETC while the Y
can be 0, 50, 100, 150..... By Default X Axis takes 1,2,3 .... Can I
to my Desired Lable?

Please LEt me Know If the Same is Possible.

My Data is as Under.

Mooring Type Single Hook 2 Hook 3 Hook 4 Hook
extreme loads benign locn 110 132 198 264
extreme loads exposed locn 110 165 253 341
accidental load condition 129.8 231 308 385


Are you sure you want a Scatter chart rather than a Lines, or even a
standard Column type?

Peter T

Thanks Peter, YEs I am just tring to Plot a X Y Scatter Graph only where I
wanted to change the Axis (Perticularly X Axis) to show the Text Format.

Reason for asking is a Scatter works with pairs of X:Y values, but it looks
like your data only has Y values and no obvious reason (based on your data)
to make a Scatter rather than a Line type.

OK, select your 4 hook labels with the single row of values below and create
a Scatter chart. Manually change the Series name to the load label left of
the first row of values. That should create a single series Scatter with
your hook labels on the X-axis.

Manually add the second series:
Select the chart, on the Design Tab / Data / Select Data / Add
Series name: the 2nd 'load' label
X values: the row of 4 hook labels in the top row
Y values: the 2nd row of values

Similarly add the 3rd series

You should now have a Scatter with 3 'load' series and your hook labels as
required on the X axis.

Effectively exactly the same as had you added a Line chart in the first
place, which you could have done simply by selecting all the data as posted
including the labels. Then if visually you only want markers - Format and
remove the lines.

Peter T