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Default Excel 2002 "locked for editing"

On 9/9/2020 7:22 PM, jbclem1 wrote:
Sometimes when I use Excel 2002 and go to open a file, I get the message
that the file is "locked for editing" and I have to chose between "read
only" and "notify". I usually chose "notify" and then I can use the file
but when I go to close it I have to save it with a different name, I can't
just hit CTRL-S like I usually do.

Could someone explain what this "locked for editing" is for and if there is
a way to avoid it.


Normally only would see that if the file is shared and another person is
working on the file and so has it open. The purpose is so don't destroy
each other's work.

You can also have multiple sessions and have left the file open in
another window you've forgotten/hidden.

I run into it on occasion because I write a lot of code with an external
engineering calculations program that uses COM to retrieve and write
data to Excel sheets -- if I forget an leave one of those open after
checking on something manually, get the error if try to then write in
the other app...or, vice versa, if the COM process has the file open and
try to open another explicit Excel session/window.

It's also possible if something goes wrong in an Excel session to leave
a dangling zombie process hanging around that can have the workbook
marked as open to the OS; that can happening in my case if make a coding
error in writing the COM code. Have to kill those processes via Task
Manager or by a command line kill routine to release the locks.

There are probably other ways as well, but those are common ones...