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Default Excel print object?

Snippet of incomplete program:
ActivePrinter = "Acrobat PDFWriter on FILE:": PrintToFile = True
'note need KILL statement for PDFWriter
' Above sets printer in Excel 2003; WILL crash in Excel 2010.

num = 1 'here we try to select the diagram only; hope printer will
use that
For Each iobj In ActiveSheet.Shapes 'DrawingObjects
If num = 5 Then
Exit For 'got inserted "Picture 3"; want to print only this
End If
num = num + 1
Next iobj
' do we pass it on?

' In "modern" defective Excel 2010, prints to default SO must set
default to what is needed
' ActivePrinter = "Xerox Phaser 6120 PS on FILE:": PrintToFile = True
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Preview:=False, _
Collate:=False, PrToFilename:=pPath + vNam 'use + ".PS" for Xerox
Kill pPath + vNam 'not needed for PS printer
*END COPY* do we pass it on or select it or whatever for printing?