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Peter B
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Default Use MATCH to find position of max in 2D range?

Here is the setup:

I have a 2D range with the 1/2 hour of the day (0:30 to 24:00) across the
top and the day of the month (say 09/01/04 to 09/30/04). The range is filled
with data that is taken each 1/2 hour for the whole month. I am trying to
find the DATE and TIME of the maximum value in that range. Call the rate

I "thought" I could use MATCH in combination with MAX to return a reference
(row and column) to the correct date and time, but when I do so.

Here is my formula: =MATCH(MAX(JanData),JanData,0)

However I get #N/A.

Can MATCH be used in a 2-dimensional situation to return both row and
column? I don't see an info on this in all the literature.