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Hi Benoit,

For some reason, it also doesn't work... I have a message saying that the formula is incoherent.

The N cell is indeed blank but it doesn't show any number when the G column does have characters in it.


Originally Posted by Benot View Post
Claus Busch wrote:

Hi Andrea,

Am Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:31:48 +0100 schrieb Andrea P:

I got an error message saying the formula is incoherent. It proposed me
to add an asterisk (*) as follows:


my posted formula should work. I guess the issue is caused by the
separators. I don't know what separators are used in a french system.
Try my formula and change the semicolon to comma.

You could use only
and deactivate "In cells with zero values show 0" in the options.

Since SI = IF there has to be a reason if so I would write:

It's in fact (IF;THEN;ELSE)

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