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Default Why the heck doesn't this work?

The file data.txt contains the following string:
(There's a tab char just after the a123)

a123 A. BC #123

Oh.., now you tell us! Any other *very important details* like this we need to

Sub ParseTextFile2a()
Dim vTmp, sLine$
Const sFile$ = "C:\Data.txt"
sLine = ReadTextFile(sFile)
vTmp = Split(sLine, vbTab)
Debug.Print Trim(vTmp(0)) '//returns "a123"
Debug.Print Trim(vTmp(1)) '//returns "A. BC #123"
'//where the file contains "a123", a Tab followed by "A. BC #123"
vTmp = Split(vTmp(1), " ")
Dim n&
For n = LBound(vTmp) To UBound(vTmp)
Debug.Print vTmp(n)
Next 'n
'"A. BC #123"
End Sub


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