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Default Pasting text into VBA macro?


Option Explicit

Sub InsertPicture_Gf4()
'Insert a picture at the active cell
ActiveCell.Pictures.Insert(Get_ClipboardText).Sele ct
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleHeight 0.85, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
Application.CommandBars("Format Object").Visible = False
End Sub

Private Function Get_ClipboardText$()
' Requires a ref to Microsoft Forms 2.0 Library

Dim doData As New DataObject
On Error Resume Next
doData.GetFromClipboard: Get_ClipboardText = doData.GetText
Set doData = Nothing
End Function

...but why use ME? Why not browse for a specific file same as
InsertPictureFromFile does?


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