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Default Excel Macro: Type mismatch (Error 13)

I am using Microsoft Excel 2010.

Several years ago, Claus Busch wrote the following macro for me:

Sub roundSelection()
Dim pctChange As Double
Dim Cell As Range
pctChange = Range("pctChange")
For Each Cell In Selection
Cell = WorksheetFunction.Round(Cell * (1 + pctChange), 2)
Next Cell
End Sub

When I try to run it now, I get "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch".
The problem seems to be this line of code:

Cell = WorksheetFunction.Round(Cell * (1 + pctChange), 2)

....but I don't know how to fix it as I am no expert with macros!

The macro should work like this: If one of the worksheet tabs has a
box named "pctChange" and a % value underneath that box, it should
apply the % value to all the worksheet boxes in that tab that are
formatted as currency (i.e. $ - U.S. Dollars in my case).

I should be able to specify a different "pctChange" value for each
worksheet tab and then run the macro.

Can anybody please help? I'm willing to post the spreadsheet
somewhere, if that helps.