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Myrna Larson
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Default average of everytwo rows?

Are you saying that you have blanks within the data? Can you repeat what the
layout is? What are the columns and what's in each? For each group of 3 rows,
the 3rd is the average of rows 1 and 2. What data is in those first two rows?

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 22:56:12 -0500, ForSale

Thanks to everyone. I used Myrna's formula.
Should i use the same concept to determine the amount of audits and
percent audited?
allow me to elaborate.
in 106 i have 'total # of audits' and this counts the number of audits,
should not count the averages.
in 108 i have 'percent monitored'. i would imagine it needs to be
something like '=counta(two out of every three rows between
a5:a103)/counta(two out of every three rows between c5:c103)

thanks again to everyone