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Default Using the Indirect.Ext function

I keep trying to use this function and it gives me an error even if the
source workbook is open or closed. I have a reference in a cell that
pulls the cell value in another workbook based on the intersection of
two named ranges. The reference looks like this:

='K:\ACCTG\25 BUDGET\Department Budgets\GAMES 2005.xls'!Jan
'K:\ACCTG\25 BUDGET\Department Budgets\GAMES 2005.xls'!PR

Where "Jan" is the named column and "PR" is the named row.

I want the named column to change based on a cell value so I wrote the
following formula. The cell that holds the value is c179. The formula
looks like this:

=INDIRECT.EXT("'K:\ACCTG\25 BUDGET\Department Budgets\GAMES 2005.xls'!"
& C179 & " 'K:\ACCTG\25 BUDGET\Department Budgets\GAMES 2005.xls'!Rev")

This just gives me a REF#! error. Is what I'm trying to do not
possible or am I just wrong in how I am writing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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