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Adam C
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Default Add months and adding partial monhts

Hi -

When I need to add a month, to a date. I use -

=DATE(YEAR(B27),MONTH(B27)+S21,MIN(DAY(B27),DAY(DA TE(YEAR(B27),MONTH(B27)+S22,0))))

However, I sometimes need to enter 1.5 months or 2.5. I figured out a way
to do this by looking at the number and figuring out if it is a decimal then
adding the decimal to the days -

=DATE(YEAR(N26),MONTH(N26),DAY(N26)+(DAY(P26)*L26) )

My question is, how do I do this with one formula. It seems like a took the
long road to this solution.

Any suggestions?