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Hi Doug

what do you mean by
if F36=D993467 (and the same for the other condition)

generally the solution to a multiple criteria SUMIF is a SUMPRODUCT, e.g.
=SUMPRODUCT((A1:A100="Jan")*(B1:B100="Fred")*(C1:C 100))
ie sum the values in column C where Jan occurs in column A & Fred occurs in
column B

but i don't understand your criteria so i can't generate the actual formula
for you but hopefully this will put you on the right track to a solution.

PS do you mean
=SUMPRODUCT((d99:d3467=F36)*(b99:b3467=G36)*(AJ99: AJ3467 ))

"Doug" wrote in message
This is probably very simple but I am having problem writing the sumif

The range I want to add up is AJ99:Aj3467
if f36 = d99:d3467 and
if g36 = b99:3467