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Default How do I "not" enter slashes for dates and add "x" number of days to date entered?

I am trying to "not" have to enter slashes when entering a date and I want to add "x" number of days to date entered? I am using formulas from the following article but I can't get some of the process to work.,2817,2316755,00.asp

Using 00\/00\/0000 is working as expected and doing what I need but when I use =DATE(MOD(A2, 10000), TRUNC(A2 / 1000000), MOD(TRUNC(A2 / 10000), 100)) I am getting the following error message. "There is a problem with a number used in the formula." If I am able to get the second part to work would I then use a formula something like = B1+10 to add 10 days to date entered?

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